Popular Place Mauritius is set to reopen for international travelers in July 2021

If you Have been Discovering yourself daydreaming about Escaping to an island without the shore, the noise of these waves, and perhaps a cocktail, so you might have kindly shown your fantasies in reality. The stunning white shore island of Mauritius is set to welcome foreign travelers in July. And yes, that includes Indian passport holders also! Beginning 15 July, the island will soon start-up to vacationers in 2 stages.

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Stage 1

When will the initial stage start?

The first phase will last from 15 July to 30 September for many international travelers.

Would you want an RT-PCR evaluation?

Yes, if You’re 18 or over and planning to go to Mauritius, you’ll have to get a negative RT-PCR outcome, together with the exam taken 5-7 times before your passing. You’ll also need to experience a PCR test on arrival in the airport in Mauritius in addition to on day 7 and day 14 of your stay. Travelers that are below the age of 18 are exempt from such rules.

What can you do in Mauritius during your stay?

Vaccinated Travelers: If you intend to remain in Mauritius for less than 14 days, then you can enjoy all of the amenities inside the assumptions of the hotel. This consists of the swimming pool in addition to shore access the hotel might have. But you may enjoy the remainder of the island’s attractions only if you stay for over 14 days, provided your RT-PCR outcomes are negative within this age.

Mauritius swimming pool
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Unvaccinated Travellers: you’ll need to experience a 14-day in-room quarantine. As a consequence, you’ll need to check into an area in a formal quarantine resort for the necessary period. You’ll have to remain within the space and meals will be sent to you. If your RT-PCR outcomes are negative at the end of the quarantine period, you can learn more about the hotel and the island as you desire.

Stage two

When will the next stage start?

The next stage will start on 1 October.

Would you want an RT-PCR evaluation?

Yes, all Travellers aged 18 and over need to pose a negative RT-PCR effect before traveling. Vaccinated travelers will need to present a drawback RT-PCR evaluation taken more than 72 hours before your death to be permitted entry to the island. Unvaccinated travelers will probably be exposed to RT-PCR evaluations on birth in addition to about the 7th and 14th days of the stay.

RT-PCR evaluation
RT-PCR evaluation | image source

What can you do in Mauritius during your stay?

Unvaccinated Travellers: The same quarantine rules apply for unvaccinated passengers in Phase 1 and Phase 2

Vaccinated Travelers: You may enjoy full access to this island, together with all amenities and attractions available, with no limitations

Maintain a Lookout for the full lists of COVID-19 safe hotels and official quarantine Resorts, that will be made accessible here on 20 and 21 June respectively.

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