Arizona: 5 Top-Rated Attractive Places to Visit at Arizona

At the core of the American Southwest, Arizona is full of natural wonders, lively cities, and charming little towns. The Grand Canyon attracts tourists from all over the planet, but people who venture deeper into the country will discover unique places to see and fascinating sights.

While towns and cities like Phoenix and Sedona make excellent vacation destinations, it is possible to go past the metropolitan centers to detect Native American cliff dwellings and lots of ancient civilizations, together with historical ghost towns from the mining days.

Arizona also offers a landscape ideal for outdoor experiences. The country is home to deserts, mountains, lakes, slot canyons, saguaro cactus, buttes, waterfalls, and even a volcano with downhill skis, all of which provide a universe of possibilities for travelers.

Grand Canyon

Standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon peering out over the endless ridges of vibrant cliff walls and deep ravines, it is impossible to not be motivated by this natural miracle. The canyon excels in the late day sun, showing colors of crimson, yellow, red, and everything in between.

Arizona Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon | image source

Among those greatest attractions in America, and in the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is an area that needs to be seen to be fully valued. Carved around the centuries from the Colorado River, which may be found at the distance far beneath, the enormity of the natural miracle is attractive.


Inspired by magnificent red stone hills and buttes, Sedona has among the most gorgeous settings in Arizona. About a 1.5-hour driveway north of Phoenix, Sedona is a popular day excursion from town, but the city is worth considerably more than only a couple of hours.

Sedona | image source

The drive to Sedona in the southwest, starting in the Village of Oak Creek, is magnificent and pullouts along the way permit you to stop and revel in the scenery.

Sedona’s most important road (89A) is filled with tourist stores, art galleries, and restaurants and is a simple place to spend a day. Sedona is among the greatest places to go to in Arizona in case you’re searching for excellent hiking paths and mountain biking trails.

Monument Valley

One of the most iconic images of the Southwest will be the sandstone buttes that predominate Monument Valley. This place, straddling the boundary between Arizona and Utah, comprises twisted rock formations, rock spires and buttes, and dunes.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley | image source

In the core of the valley would be your Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, where you will discover an impressive visitor center along with a 17-mile self-drive route along a one-way gravel road through the park.

You might even have a guided tour to explore the area more thoroughly. If you do not have enough time to go to the park, then you can enjoy a few of the views in the street.


Phoenix is a good base for exploring Arizona but it’s also a significant destination in winter for golfers and sun-seekers, who only need to enjoy a remain in a hotel or spa and invest a while basking in the warmth of the town.

Phoenix | image source

From the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, including Scottsdale and Mesa, you will discover excellent shopping, dining, golf courses, desert parks together with hiking paths, biking trails, campgrounds, plus some outstanding attractions. Topping the list of places to See around Phoenix would be the Heard Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West.

If you’re spending time in the region, there are a few superb day excursions from Phoenix, that will require you to cliff dwellings, historic mountain towns, and ghost towns, as well as the Grand Canyon.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is America’s great engineering marvel. This huge construction, completed in 1935, crosses the Colorado River, linking Arizona and Nevada. It’s 726 feet high and 1,244 ft long.

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam | image source

Lake Mead held back from the Hoover Dam, is the biggest artificial lake in the USA. It’s 110 kilometers long and holds the equivalent of 2 decades of circulation of the Colorado River.

You may walk or drive across the dam at no cost, even though there’s a parking fee. Another option is to take a tour of Hoover Dam or the Powerplant. The visitor center offers information on the tours and dam and includes a café with a few simple food choices.


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