Trip to Svalbard Norway Frozen Island

Svalbard is a beautiful cluster of Island located between mainland Norway and North Pole. It is cluster of frozen Island which becomes a reason for it being so special. Svalbard Norway is located in the Arctic ocean, between mainland Norway and North Pole. As Arctic ocean, Norway and North Pole is all frozen, it is not a matter to wonder that Svalbard Island are completely frozen Island. In Svalbard you can see the world’s largest untouched nature. It has unique wildlife, wild nature, old mines and polar bears, best suited for adventurous traveller.

Svalbard Norway
Svalbard | credits – North Pole Marathon

Tourism in Svalbard varies season to season.

Three major seasons of Svalbard are

  1. Polar Summer
  2. Dark Winter
  3. Sunny Winter.

It is worth visiting Svalbard at any of these seasons as all these seasons have distinct and wonderful tourist sight.

Polar Summer – Svalbard Norway

Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun |credits-Visit Site

In Polar Summer the best sight in Svalbard is Midnight Sun. If you are eager to see sun in the midnight then Svalbard is the most suggested place.

It starts from May 17 and ends by September 30. This period is best for those who are looking to experience Midnight Sun. During this, even in your bedtime, sun will be high up on the sky. Visiting Svalbard in Polar Summer will have unique and greater experience.

Apart from the midnight sun, you can have many other experiences in Svalbard during Polar Summer,

  1. The Fairytale Isfjord Radio: a former radio station now converted to Gourmet Restaurant.
  2. The Ghost Town of Pyramiden: the place gives a feeling of entering into a time machine.
  3. Walrus Safari: walrus is a beautiful and unique animal of Svalbard, one of the wildlife of the place.
  4. Glacier Walking Excursion: walk on a very very old ice i.e. 4000 year old glacier.

These places must be shortlisted by every Svalbard traveller during Polar Summer.

Dark Winter

Dark Winter
Dark Winter|credits-

On the contrary, Dark Winter in Svalbard has long polar nights with no sun. You can experience Polar Lights in this season.

Imagine 100 days of a year without sun!

Yes, this happens in Svalbard in Dark Winters. There will be no sunlight but still the place looks extremely beautiful with the Northern Lights. It starts from October 1 and ends by February 28. There will be no sun from November 11 to January 30. Apart from this you can visit,

  1. Ice caves
  2. Global Seed Vault
  3. Svalbard Museum
  4. Svalbard Church
  5. Reindeer Wildlife

In the dark season there will be many events and parties which entertains the travellers to the most.

Sunny Winter

Sunny Winter
Sunny Winter | credits- Visit Site

It is the perfect and sweet time between the two extreme seasons. The two extreme seasons are best for adventurous travellers and this season is best for a normal accustomed traveller.

Sunny Winter starts from March 1 and ends by May 16. It has balanced days and nights. Travellers usually experience variety of outdoor activities. Days are long and bright in this season. It is a best season for peddling, hiking tours and also for shopping.

These are the best tourist sites to visit in Svalbard Norway on the distinct seasons.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Which season do you prefer to visit Svalbard Norway? Let us know through the comment section.

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