The top Nude Beaches in the World

There are certain amazing beaches in the world where you have all the freedom of being nude and that is not prohibited. There are plenty of places across the world where you can dine, shop and even party without a single piece of cloth on your body. Moreover, clothing optional beaches are a part of modern inventions. There are number of Nude Beaches that are totally legal. The popularity of clothing optional beaches are increasing day by day. You must note that the nudity in these beaches fall into the Naturism category, meaning, non-sexual nudity. Here’s the list of some of the best and top Nude Beaches in the world.

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Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach of Florida, is the most popular nude beaches in United States. It has located between Miami and Fort Lauder-dale It is the oldest beach which is legalized as a public nude beach. More than 1.3 Million people all over the world come to this beach. The beach has a white and soft sand giving with clothing-optional sections at both the ends. Naturists here can buy umbrellas and sun loungers. Also, they can swim under the guidance of the lifeguards. In this beach, every year in the month of June, National Nude Recreation Week Festivities takes place. You can join these festivities and celebrate the freedom there and also enjoy the cocktails and dance with the DJs.

Haulover Beach - Nude Beaches
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Red Beach

If you are looking to enjoy the island life without the crowd and without the clothes, then Red Beach of Greece is the best place for you. It is also the best beach for the nudist sunbathers. Moreover, the beach has its fame for its distinctive sand nature and color. Besides, it also has the amazing cliffs. The only way to reach the beach is either by 20 minute hike or a short boat ride from the village Matala. Also there are ancient caves and ruins here which you can visit on this beach. There is also a small bar on this beach where you can enjoy the cocktails and delicious mojitos.

Nude Beaches - Red Beach
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Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is another very popular nudist beach of Greece. It is also famous as an open minded party island heaven. It is also one of the most popular nude beaches of Mykonos. One of the amazing things about the beach is that it as live in the night as it is in during the day. If you want to experience this beach to the fullest then you need to check thee dates for the Full Moon Party in the beach. Besides the beach is also popular with the LGBT community. However, cocktails, beverages here are not cheaper, but if you want to enjoy then you have to pack your wallets.

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Wannsee Beach

Wannsee Beach is the inner-city nude beaches of Germany. It is the longest inland sand beach of Europe. Visitors can rest on the soft sand of the beach. Moreover, sunbathers can spend their time on the clothe free sections of the beach. On top of all, the beach is famous for the traditional wicker beach chairs, play grounds, volley ball courts, and water-slides. Also, you can take a paddle boat as a rent to view the beach from the river. The best time to visit the beach is during summer as at other seasons there will be a freezing temperature.

Wannsee Beach
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Little Beach – Nude Beaches

Little Beach is the best beach for the travelers who love to drop their clothes. It is the Hawaiian beach with the fantasy without the bathing suits. The beach is sided with the hillside trees and the pristine waters to swim. Moreover, the beach has the mots stunning and scenic views along with the volcanic cinder cone and ancient lava flows. You can rest on the sand under the sun. And also if you are done relaxing under the sun then you can visit the state park marine sanctuary. This state park is famous for its whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and tropical fish. Best time to visit the beach is at sunset on Sundays as the fire dancers and a drum circle take center stage.

Little Beach - Nude Beaches
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Wreck Beach – Nude Beaches

The Wreck Beach of Canada is one of the longest nude beaches of the world. Also, it is one of the oldest clothing optional nude beaches of North America. In this beach you will find rocky out crops, pebble flats, and sandy stretches. Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of evergreen trees and snow covered peaks beyond the water. Even students and teachers visit the beach as from the nearby institutes. The best time to visit the beach is during the holidays as many students have been to their homes.

These were some of the best and top nude beaches in the world. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog.

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