Beaches in Barcelona and other tourist places

Barcelona Beaches & Tourism

Beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona has world-famous heavenly beaches. These beaches give amazing sunset and sunrise sceneries. Moreover, they have a very pleasant vibe that attracts everyone. Besides, you will enjoy the great taste of seafood here. Many beautiful beaches include

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach
Bogatell Beach | pc- BLona CheckIn

It is a nice and clean beach, you will find plenty of people enjoying the beautiful scenery here. If you are planning to visit in the summer, the temperature can rise to 38 deg. Bring your beach umbrellas if you have them to avoid being harassed by the vendors at the beach. The morning atmosphere on the beach is beautiful, chilling. Overall, it’s a great beach to spend the day people watching

Barceloneta Beach

It is an amazing clean beach with plenty of activities like windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding. The boardwalk is amazing where you can have fun, specifically for scooters, cycling, and any other kind of transport. The beach is very touristy but it is a great fun place with lots to see and do. The weather is really pleasant, though a slightly cool wind. You will find a lovely little beach bar & benches to have a couple of drinks. Just enjoy the beach.

Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach | pc- CNN

Mar Bella Beach

This beach is worth visiting with very soft sand and clean water. Never miss the beautiful sunrise on this beautiful beach. You can talk a long walk on the beach and feel relaxed. It has a lot of facilities like toilet, shower, bars, restaurants, water sports. tennis court, open gym, and football ground. Besides, this beach is called simulated swimming in winter.

Mar Bella Beach
Mar Bella Beach|pc- BarcelonaCat

Nova Icaria Beach

This beach is the calmest beach with beautiful small sand and water. If you want to have a peaceful time and just want to relax then you should spend time here, as there will be less crowd with calm weather. However, the bad thing here is that things that you get here are very costly and not worth buying. Therefore just visit the beach for relaxing and don’t buy anything here.

Nova Icaria Beach
Nova Icaria Beach|pc- BLona CheckIn

Ocata Beach

It is a great beach very near to Barcelona, accessible easily by train. It has many shops and restaurants nearby. You will be amazed to watch the sunset. It has clean coarse sand. The beach does drop very steeply in certain places, so be careful with small children. Shops, restaurants, and the Marina are all nearby providing all the facilities. Parking available in the port. Enjoy the day, protect you against the sun in summer. Take your umbrella with you.

Ocata Beach Barcelona
Ocata Beach |pc- Pinterest

Garraf Beach

This beach is charming. It sits in a small, sandy cove, it is also lined with picturesque cabins and a few cafes. There are beautiful hills in the background and no other buildings nearby, which gives the beach a secluded feel. It’s simple to get there by train, and once you arrive, you walk down a staircase, cross the street, descend some more stairs and you’re on the beach. We were there on a Sunday and it was packed with families, but we managed to find a spot. The water was warm and very calm. Overall, the beach is worth visiting if you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for relaxing this place is the best. It is one of the best beaches in Barcelona, not as crowded as other beaches are in Barcelona, You will also find here a spot for the French community and a beautiful little restaurant and coffee shop.

Garraf Beach Barcelona
Garraf Beach|pc- Pinterest

These are a list of few Heavenly beaches in Barcelona. Apart from the beaches, there are also many other tourist destinations that you must visit while on your trip to Barcelona. Check out the other world-famous tourist attractions of Barcelona.

Famous tourist destinations of Barcelona

Barcelona has its fame for art and architecture. It is full of beautiful buildings, beaches along with the amazing nightlife. Also, Barcelona is a place for food and shopping lovers. Besides, it has world-famous museums and churches. Certainly, Barcelona is a place for football lovers. You will also find Roman Ruins, beautiful apartments, fashion boutiques, archaeological sites, and plenty of other things.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a street in the central city. It is famous for statues, street performers. The glamour of the city is what attracts the most. The street itself has a great history with Miro Mural, Adult Erotica Museum that describes the history of the place. You will also see amazing human statues. Besides, the street has famous and large grocery shops with a variety of flowers, wine, and other food items. It also has good cafes and restaurants for tourists. Moreover, you will experience amazing art at Centre d’Art Santa Monica.

Las Ramblas Barcelona
Las Ramblas|pc- BLona CheckIn

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Secondly, visit Sagrada Familia. It is a temple that has its fame for art and architecture. Moreover, it is one of the most famous works of Gaudi. Temple has distinct architectures. The architecture differs from front to back. It is still under construction. Certainly, the temple is the most iconic buildings in the city. The architecture of the church defines love towards nature and religion.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona
Sagrada Familia|pc- Architectural Digest

Catedral de Barcelona

Also known as Barcelona Cathedral. You will surely have a strong Catalan Gothic experience. It is a cathedral of the holy cross and Saint Eulalia. The place has an amazing and pleasant atmosphere. The best place to hang out, drink a coffee, and sit in a large space. It has got many places to eat and drink. Certainly, this church is a magnificent and iconic image with wondering architecture.

Catedral de Barcelona
Catedral de Barcelona|pc- Flickr

Park Guell – Barcelona

The park is a Barcelona landmark. High on the hill above Gràcia, this pace offers amazing views and some beautiful work designed by Gaudí. Gaudi’s designs are so beautiful and it is very much like you are in a fairy world. You will find nine different entrances to the Park and it depends on how you arrive at the place. You will get very beautiful views and sights from different angles within the Park. Besides, there are modernist buildings and a fantastic circular meeting plaza where you can sit around the edges and take wonderful photos. There are some beautiful flowers as well around the gardens. In short, Always unique experience of walking in the gardens of this wonderful park and its beautiful architectural works.

Park Guell
Park Guell|pc- Bookmundi

To conclude, Barcelona is deeply proud of its Catalan heritage. It is a city rich with history, beautiful architecture, a cool beach culture, friendly people, and some great food. Barcelona is a buzzing city that’s so easy to fall in love with. In short, Barcelona is a beautiful city with bustling markets, tree-lined blocks, and fantastical architecture cozy up to one another in this dreamy Mediterranean beach town. Here in this article we just mentioned the Top 10 reasons to visit Barcelona. Hope you liked the blog. Have you ever visited Barcelona? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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