Top 10 reasons to visit Tokyo

As you all know, Tokyo is the largest city in the world. Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Particularly, Tokyo is the center of tourist attraction. It is known fr its traditional as well as cultural history. Moreover, it is a known fact that Tokyo is the city that leads the entire world in terms of technology and fashion. It is an amazing and exciting city with a wide range of activities. Of course, there is no convincing required to travel to this wonderful city. But still, we have come up with Top 10 reasons to visit Tokyo. If you are planning abroad then it should be at the top of your bucket list.


Akihabara is the best place to visit particularly if you are tech-savvy. You will get almost everything here from the toy models to digital devices and technical gadgets. Akihabara is a very busy shopping hub you will ever find. There are certain venues like the Tokyo Anime Center which is famous for video games exhibition. Moreover, Akihabara has its fame for inexpensive electronic shops, maid cafes, etc. If you are visiting this city, plan after 10 am as the shops there open after 10 am. And during this time there will be fewer crowds. While traveling to Tokyo, never miss visiting Akihabara.

Akihabara Tokyo
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Kabuki Theatre

Here, you can have a historical experience with the Kabuki shows. Kabuki basically is a type of drama where actors have intense white paints on their faces and detailed masks. Actors perform mainly singing, drama and miming. There are many female characters in the play, however, all the actors in the show are men. This is also proclaimed as an untouched heritage site with an amazing universal value by the UNESCO. In modern Japanese, Kabuki is three words Ka, Bu, and Ki which means song, dance, and skill respectively. The show goes for about 4 hours. It’s worth visiting this place.

Kabuki Theatre
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Sakura – Cherry Blossoms

It is one of the most scenic place things where the cherry and plum blossom trees are in rows. There are many places where you can see these Cherry Blossoms like Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Yoyogi Park, Meguro River, Aoyama Cemetery, Asakusa Hanayashiki, Imperial Palace Area, Takato Castle Park, Miharu Takizakura, Mount Yoshino, Himeji Castle, Fuji Five Lakes, Hamarikyu Gardens, etc. Cherry Blossom begins in the month of April. Cherry Blossoms lasts for about a week. For the past few years, this is occurring in late March and early April. Visiting Tokyo for Cherry Blossoms is the best way of exploring nature in a unique style.

Sakura - Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms|pc: Pinterest

Harajuku Fashion Tokyo

Fashions are not just limited to magazines in Tokyo. You can see them live where people come with a very special outfit every day in Harajuku. Fashion here mainly involves with the bright colors, teased hairs, platform shoes. This also includes the very colorful styles sometimes. Harajuku is also famous for its colorful street arts along with the unusual vintage clothing stores. You will also find small and trendy bars in the lane and also the dessert shops with sweet crepes, donuts, and bubble tea. In short, Harajuku is the center of the most famous fashion styles and cultures.

Harajuku Fashion Tokyo
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Shrines and Temples of Tokyo

Tokyo has worldwide fame for its historic temples and shrines. The shrines here are brightly painted that are found all over the city. Shrines and temples are open to the public. They are mainly meant for Buddhist and Shinto Practices. Sensoji Shrine is the oldest shrine in the city. Though it is located in a busy city, it has become the most significant part of the tourist destination. According to the Japanese traditions, people by the charms at the temples which is believed to get good luck as well as increase your wealth and also improve your love life. Moreover, the workers in these shrines and temples also organize music ceremony. This will be a good and historic significant part of your trip.

Shrines and Temples of Tokyo
Tokyo Temples|pc- Escape

Odaiba Tokyo

Odaiba is the most important part of the city located next to the city center. It is basically an artificial island in the Tokyo Bay. It has a gorgeous architecture, high entertainment hub, and also some good restaurants. You can also enjoy the Mt. Fuji views from Daikanransha Ferris wheel. Also, you can head towards the beach at the seaside park. On top of all most famous museum, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is located here in this artificial Island. Also, it has various car showrooms called Toyota Mega Web. besides the museum of Mirakian Science offers you to engage with the robots. You will keep yourself engages in various activities by visiting Obaida.

Odaiba Tokyo
Obaida|pc- Into Japan

Food in Tokyo

You can find all the Japanese cuisines in Tokyo. Many people travel japan just for food. You will get everything here with perfectly plated and amazing taste. In particular, Sushi the traditional Japanese food is a popular one. In addition, you can also eat the tasty Abura Soba in other words oil noodles, Tsukemen which is dipping noodles, Monjayaki that is a savory pancake, Tokyo Buns, Chanko Nabe the protein-rich stew and much other amazing food. Truly, the trip to Tokyo is incomplete without tasting these authentic Japanese cuisines, so never miss them.

Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli Museum is a museum that showcases the amazing work of the Japanese work on animation studio. It is basically an animation house and it is popular all over the world. It is a fantastic and legendary museum dedicated to Japan’s Disney. Tickets are very limited to the museum but you will find numerous visitors around the museum. This is undoubtedly the great tourist attraction sites in Tokyo.

Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo
Studio Ghibli Museum|pc- SBS

Watch Sumo

There are overall six tournaments that are held in Japan. Of these three of them happen in Tokyo. You can see the giants clashing each other here. Sumo is competitive wrestling where a rikishi attempts to push the opponent out of the circular boundary or make the opponent touch the ground.


Impeccable Public Transportation

The transportation of the Tokyo is famous for its cleanliness and punctuality. You will not get irritated with the transportation facility here which usually happens in the other part of the world. You must appreciate the standardness of the Public Transportation. Impeccability of the transportation is what makes the trip easy and good.

This were the Top 10 reasons to visit Tokyo. Hope you liked the blog. Have you ever been to the largest city of the world. Share your experiences with us.

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