Street Food of India famous across the world

Street Food of India has a worldwide fame for its uniqueness and taste. No country can beat the taste and joy of street food as in India. India is definitely a place for those who travel to explore the food specially, street food. These street food vary from sweet to spicy, soft to crispy, hot to cold. They serve with complete and same joy for localites as well as travellers. They include wide variety of food like,samosa, panipuri, chole bhature, vada pav etc.

Best Street Food of India

Take a look at these mouth-watering street food.

Chhole Bhature Street Food of India

It is a mouth watering Punjabi Cuisine. You will find it all over India. In particular, Amritsar is famous for this street food. It tastes awesome when you eat it hot. The combination of hot bhatures with spicy chholes are jus delicious. You will definitely not resist from having it. You will find Chhole Bhature in many hotels and restaurants but the way it tastes as street food will surely not in any of the other places. In addition, onion, chilli and lemon adds more taste to it.

Chhole Bhature - Street Food of India
Chhole Bhature|pc- DforDelhi

Pani Puri Street Food of India

Pani Puri is also called as Gol Gappe, Phuchka, Gupchup. It is undoubtedly most loved street food of India. It consists of deep fried hollow crepe, puri, that is filled with cooked potatoes or peas along with khatta pani (sour water), chat masala, tamarind chutney and other spices. There is no day when Indians won’t go out to eat Pani Puri. You will find it easily all over India with very reasonable price and extremely good taste.

Pani Puri - Street Food of India
Pani Puri|pc- CookPad

Vada Pav Street Food of India

Vada pav of Mumbai is world famous. No trip is complete in Mumbai without Vada Pav. Vada here is potato dumpling and pav refers to bread. Vada is placed inside half sliced Pav and served. It resembles burger. Nearly 50,000 stalls sell Vada Pav just in Mumbai. However, you will find vada pav easily all over India but, Mumbai has a next level fame for it. The taste increases to the fullest when it is served along with chilli. Whenever you visit Mumbai, never miss Vada Pav.

Vada Pav - Street Food of India
Vada Pav|pc- MeriSaheli

Paya Soup

Traditional food, that you will love to have particularly in breakfast. It is basically a soup made of lamb’s leg (lamb trotters). Moreover it is very healthy. It strengthen bones, relieves muscle and joint pain. The name comes from Urdu and it is more liked by Muslims. It is cooked with many spices for a long duration. You will find it in every part of the country and particularly in Delhi, Hyderabad and Lucknow.

Paya soup - Street Food of India
The Island of Dolls|pc- DailyO


Rajasthan is famous for its unique cuisines. Kachori is native to Rajasthan. It is most popular Indian street food all over the world. Kachori is a flat flour ball stuffed with urad or moong dal, along with gram flour, pepper powder, chilli powder, salt. It is often served as chat across India. Kachori is very popular roadside snack . It has a combination of sour and spicy tastes. There are different forms of Kachori of which Raj Kachori is the most tastiest one.

Kachori - Street Food of India
Kachori|pc- PakwanGali

These are most favoured Street Food of India.

There are some more…



Dahi Puri

Pav Bhaji

Fafda Jalebi

In short, India is home home to hundreds of street food, not only tastes good but also available at extremely, reasonable price

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