Springs in Florida – best freshwater springs

Springs in Florida are the most coolest places and best to spend times in hot climate. In the pandemic when you cannot go for trip, we are giving the information on the best places so that add it to your bucket list and travel later. These amazing Springs of Florida should be in your list. Florida has more than 700 springs.

Natural Springs in Florida

Top 5 Best Springs in Florida

Wakulla Springs

Wakulla Springs are the largest and deepest fresh water springs in Florida. Visitors here can swim and take a guided boats. It has alligators, manatees and plenty of birds. You will also explore the excellent nature of this springs. Boating gives you amazing views of wading birds, anhingas, grebes, colorful ducks etc. It also gives you an opportunity of hiking, horseback riding, picning, scuba diving and many other splendid experiences.

Wakulla Springs|pc- Flickr

Ginnie Springs in Florida

Ginnie Springs is the most lovely springs of Florida. It surrounds around 20 acres of shady trees with the banks of Sante Fe River. It is the most popular diving springs in Florida. Water flows from seven rapid springs. It has a crystal clear blue water. Perfect pace for scuba diving. It also offers swimming, campaigning to the visitors. Moreover, you can also have a sand volleyball match. In short it is the best spot for group outgoings.

Ginnie Springs in Florida
Ginnie Springs|pc- Northwest Florida Daily News

Three Sisters Springs in Florida, Crystal River

The water is crystal blue with beautiful look. It is not less than a heaven. Moreover, You can swim, snorkel, boat here. It is surrounded by beautiful sceneries. In addition, Crystal River is a home to many manatees. However, the place is restricted with certain limitations as the land surrounded is a privately owned property.

Crystal River|pc- Crystal River

Gilchrist Blue

Likewise , Gilchrist Springs are the second largest magnitude springs that produces nearly 44 million gallons of water everyday. The water is crystal blue with amazing look. It is home for plenty of turtles, fishes, invertebrates etc. Moreover, the spring is famous for paddling, snorkeling, and swimming. In addition, you can have breathtaking nature trails.

Gilchrist Spring|pc- Reddit

Silver Glen Springs

Similarly, Silver Glen is the beautiful spring in Florida. These are not just amazing springs but also important archaeological sites as you can find lot of shell mounds here. Moreover the spring is a best place to go and chill around. It has a shade of blue green. The place is best suit for swimming, snorkeling and canoeing. In addition, it is surrounded by beautiful tropical sceneries. Also it is the best place for picnicking.

Silver Glen Springs in Florida
Silver Glen Springs|pc- Florida Adventures

These are the most beautiful freshwater spring of Florida

some more that gets added to the list…

Ichetucknee River

Madison Blue Springs

Wekiwa Springs

Weeki Wachee Springs

Jackson Blue Springs

To conclude, Florida is one of the coolest place of the world with plenty of beautiful spring and tropical lands. There are more than 700 springs in Florida. In short it is the best place to spend time in summer.

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