Underwater Hotels in the world

Underwater Hotels are the hotels beneath the water. To handle the underwater pressures, they are built with plexiglass, reinforced with concrete and steel. That is to say, Underwater Hotels are unique hotels with luxury and unique accommodations. Moreover, you will experience a sleep with the fishes. If you want to have unusual experience, then you must add this to your bucket list.

Here in this blog you will find the best underwater hotels of the world

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm is Dubai’s iconic underwater suite. It features immense floor-to-ceiling windows. Moreover, you will have a heavenly experience to mesmerise as fishes. Water at Ambassador Lagoon softly lap at your window. It is a best place to spend time with your loved ones. Surely, you will forget the world here. In addition rooms features, Arabian and oceanic decor with scenic views. In short, you will experience marine magic with amazing cuisines in Atlantis underwater suite.

Atlantis, Underwater Hotels
Atlantis, The Palm|pc- See Inside Group

Utter Inn , Sweden

Utter Inn offers underwater accommodation to the public. Entrance is a small beautiful Swedish house on the surface of water. Moreover, it is destination for complete excitement under the water. Above all, it is the most affordable underwater suite as compared to others.

Utter Inn Sweden
Utter Inn|booking.com

Lovers Deep Submarine Underwater Hotels

Lovers Deep Submarine of Caribbean offers amazing and luxurious experience. Moreover you will have beautiful scenic view with school of fish. In addition you will experience amazing underwater landscapes. Above all, there are good chefs and butlers to provide 5-star service. However, this underwater suite is costlier but worth the price.

Lovers Deep Submarine
Lovers Deep Submarine|pc- Pinterest

The Muraka, Conrad Maldives

The Muraka is a luxury two level residence submerged over 16 feet below sea level in India Ocean. It is both above water and underwater hotels. Above water features living and dining areas as most exclusive residence. Beneath water, features amazing underwater suite with dedicated Tunnel Viewing Theatre. Moreover, it features master bedroom with 180 degree acrylic dome. In addition, it features floor-to-window ceilings in walk-in closet. Above all, you will make your way down with the spiral staircase and elevator.

The Muraka
The Muraka|pc- JetSetter

SUBSIX, Maldives

It is 6 meters below the waterline. Here everything seem to be a wave. You will reach the underwater suite by speedboat and three-tier staircase. It is the best underwater suite in Maldives. Moreover it has exotoc spa and nearly 10 bedrooms. Above all it is a cheaper underwater suite.

SUBSIX Underwater Hotels
SUBSIX|pc- Niyama Private Island

These five are the world’s top Underwater Hotels

There are other suites that come under the list of world’s best underwater hotels

The Manta Resort Underwater Hotels

Jule’s Undersea Lodge

Resort World Sentosa

Water Discus Underwater Hotels

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels

Hope you like the blog. It is definitely a dream to visit underwater suite. We have listed few for you.

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