Haunted Forests of the world

Haunted Forests are the most strange and frightening places on the earth. Truly, a place for adventurer. Some forests really have terrifying histories. Moreover some have scary cemeteries adding more unease to these places. However, these are the places to experience thrill and explore the haunted world.

Hold your heart and check out the most haunted forests of the world

Aokigahara, Japan

Aokigahara is dense and most haunted forests, in Japan. There is a rumour about the place that, it sets walkers on the wrong path. Moreover, it contains 500+ suicides till now. Also, people nearby claim that they hear spirit screaming during nights. The forest has dense of pine and other trees, that sunlight hardly passes inside. Inshort, the forest has haunting, killing, murdering, dark magic stories with it.

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Elfin Haunted Forests

Elfin Forest of San Diego country is also a most haunted place in the world. It has rolling hills, hiking trails, horseback riding. But moreover this forest has stories of spirits and goblins. People claim that they see women floating in white dresses. Not only that but also dark and mysterious footprints. Of course, if you have a faint heart then you must not go.

Elfin Haunted Forests
Elfin Forest|pc- Fine Magazine

The Black Haunted Forests

Likewise, The Black Forest of Germany, comes under the list of most haunted forests. It has dense fir and pine trees. You will find friendly dwarves, lurking werewolves and floating spirits ( as per rumour). It has many scary stories with it. Visitors have experience of hearing spirit voices.

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The Island of Dolls, Mexico

The Island of Dolls is the most scary place you will find. You will find hundreds of dolls and doll parts hanging from the tree. Just imagine the place where you find the scary dolls hanging from the trees. It has scary, horror movie like effect. Yo will also find doll parts in the grass and dolls floating in the canals. Visitors also say that the dolls whisper. It is the most haunted forests you will find.

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Devil’s Tramping Ground

In the North Carolina forest there is mysterious circle where no tree grows. Also, no animals cross the from nearby. There are 40 foot clearings as a mark of devil’s dance every night. People claim to see red eyes glowing in the night. Also if you place your belongings in the circle at night, you will find it thrown in morning.

Devil’s Tramping Ground|pc- Flickr

These are top five most haunted forests of the world

There are some more…

Wychwood Haunted Forests

Dow Hill Forest

Dering Woods


Hoia Baciu Haunted Forests

Here we suggest you not to go to any haunting places if you are faint hearted. But yes, if you like thrills, exploring then you can visit these haunting places. Did you ever experience anything scary till now. Share your experiences with us through comment section

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