Miami tourism, what are the best things to do in Miami


Miami is one of the world’s most favoured vacation spot, with beaches five-star hotels, art festivals, and extravaganza of nightlife. Certainly, you will get many things to do in Miami. The city Miami will get in your possession with its extremely impressive beauty of nature and mind blowing whether. Very importantly, Miami also serves as easy gateway for New York. It is the best place to spend hot days and nights. As a result, things to do in Miami is lot of fun and exciting.

Come on, let’s explore alluring city, MIAMI.

Firstly, let’s talk about Heavenly Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the sexiest place in the entire Florida to visit. It is the only beach in United States, home to topless sunbathing. Beach has won the title of most sexiest beach of all sexiest beaches in the land. Technically, beach is outside the Miami Municipality because, it lies in the Island. However, the beach is beautiful with the soft sand, warm water and attractive color of the sea.

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Apart from having fun in the beach, you can also visit good places and restaurants nearby. Like,

Exploring Lincoln Road (things to do in Miami)

Lincoln Road is just few minutes from Beach. It is pedestrian friendly road with plenty of cafes and open dining restaurants, street performers, restobars and galleries.

Visiting Art Deco Historic District (things to do in Miami)

This historic district of United States is in the neighbourhood with th Beach. The city is filled with colorful buildings, interesting decor elements, and very old history that gives a brief about earlier times. It is known for its amazing atmosphere throughout the year.The area gets intense on saturday nights. The beauty of the place gets more add ons during nights with colorful lights all around and the bars start playing Latin Music. You will experience a gratifying vibe, great drinks and a good music.

Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant

It is a 100 year old, seafood restaurant with classy atmosphere and better service. It has gained its fame for delicious stone crabs. Moreover, it a place to taste best crabs and other fisheries. Certainly, the place has never disappointed any visitors. If you are planning for a visit to Miami then you must shortlist Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant.

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle is 30 acre zoological park in Miami. It is a place where humans are caged and monkeys run wild.. You will explore the wilds of South America, Asia and Africa. The park is home for 300 primates that includes gibbons, guenons and spider monkeys. It also offers Rainforest Adventure Tour and many other like monkey swimming presentations, crab eating monkeys, training sessions etc.

Bayside Marketplace

The Bayside Marketplace is a two-story open air shopping center in the downtown. Indeed It is ranked as most visited attraction of Miami. It hosts over 150 specialty, tourists cafes, shops and restaurants. Visitors come here to live the waterfront atmosphere, admire the bay and experience live music and nice vibe. Certainly, the Bayside Marketplace offers full experience with its famous seafood, tropical cocktail, alluring arts and best shopping opportunities. By all means, It has gained its place in the heart of Miami.

Get yourself involved with The Frost Science Museum

Frost Science Museum Miami
Frost Science Museum Miami|credits-bizjournals

The museum provides many interactive, hands on exhibitions. The exhibitions dedicates to South Florida biodiversity. Indeed, it offers an engrossing experience in various field of science i.e. physics, chemistry and biology. In addition, they provide very exciting 360 degree experience of Galaxy and deep dive under the sea. Moreover, the museum brings together aquarium, planetarium and science.

To Conclude, There are many other things to do in Miami, like, Ocean Drive, visiting Freedom Tower, wandering in Crandon Park, chilling at iconic Olympia Theatre, swim in Venetian Pool etc.

Hope you liked the blog. Have you ever visited Miami. Share your experiences in comment section.

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