Cheapest Vacations of all vacation destination in world

Cheapest Vacations, here we’ve cheapest vacation destination of all the vacation destinations of world. If you have a plan of travelling abroad and at the same time budget matters you a lot, then you are on a perfect page. We provide you with the best of vacation destinations. That are not just amazing destinations but at the same time Cheaper Vacations as well.

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Here are the cheapest and amazing destinations to visit


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country got fame for its tropical beaches, palaces, buddhist temples and ruins of bygone era. Moreover, it is famous for its tradition, culture, people and natural environment. In addition, breathtaking beaches, thrilling mountains and jungles, delicious food, Thailand has to be in the bucket list of every holidaymaker. Above all, it’s a cheapest destination on the planet. Best for Cheapest Vacations.

Places to Visit:

  • Bangkok – Capital City of Thailand
  • Chiang Mai – famous for food
  • Thai Island – party islands, in addition, scuba hotspots, resorts and amazing beaches
    • Phi Phi Island – sexiest place of Thailand
    • Krabi – stunning area with beautiful landscape, Tiger Cave Temple
    • Phuket – famous for sea activities

South Africa

South Africa lies in Southernmost tip of African Content. In the same vein, South Africa is a best destination which is not only amazing but also a cheapest vacations destination. Moreover, vibrant culture, active adventure, breathtaking scenery, wildlife safaris, adds to the phenomenal experience of a traveller.

Places to Visit:

  • Johannesburg City of Gold
  • Cape TownCapital of South Africa
  • Durban – famous for beaches
  • East London – famous for beaches and river ports
  • Wildlife Safaris – Africa is known for Safaris

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Greece – cheapest vacations

Greece is a country in Southeastern Europe. It has thousands of Island in it. In addition it has many World Heritage Sites, that describes the ancient civilization. Moreover, architecture of museums, miniature art, monuments, beautiful beaches adds glamour to the place. Again in the same vein, the place not only gives amazing tourists sites, but also, is a cheapest vacations. In other words, accomodation, eats and drinks and tourism is way cheaper and mind blowing.

Places to Visit:

  • firstly, Athens – famous for ancient mountains and arts
  • secondly, Mykonos – famous for beaches, islands and bars
  • likewise, Santorini – famous for buildings and seas

Vietnam – cheapest vacations

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country. It has best beaches, rivers, buddhist pagodas and cities. Likewise, Vietnam is a best place for tourism as it not only has very mind blowing destinations but also, very very cheapest vacations to visit.

Places to Visit:

  • HanoiCapital of Vietnam
  • Ho Chi MinhLargest city of Vietnam
  • Hang Son DoongWorld’s largest natural cave
  • Ban Gioc Falls – beautiful two waterfalls
  • Ha Long Bay – famous for emerald waters and islands

Likewise, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Cuba, Uruguay, Guatemala, Nepal comest to the list of Cheapest Vacations.

To conclude, it is just a false assumption that only rich can travel tourist places. But in reality there are amazing and mind blowing destinations for holiday makers that can be achieved in a very reasonable prices.

Hope you appreciate the blog. Which is your dream destination? Say in comment section.

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